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About Us

Hello There,

I’m Elloise Richards, CEO and Founder of Custom Personalized Printing. I believe we are all unique, down to our very own names. That’s why I created Custom Personalized Printing, to reflect our individuality through one-of-a-kind, exclusive prints for all your occasions. 

How It All Started…

I discovered my entrepreneurial spirit by working with my husband on Twice Clothing, the business he created back in 2005. As I dabbled into the entrepreneurial world, I recognized I had not only a passion, but also a gift to inspire others to be all they can be.

It was this fulfilling experience, combined with my background as a project manager and social worker, that led me to build a business celebrating the uniqueness in people while empowering them to chase their dreams and accomplish all they can…

History of Custom Personalized Printing 

We started by using heavy linen, matte paper, canvas, plaque, acrylic, aluminum, T-shirts, among other surfaces and through a proprietary process, to print positive and uplifting messages on children’s clothing, home décor, and personalized mugs for various occasions. 

We have Grownnnnnnnn

I partner with Entrepreneurs like You to Birth and Grow your apparel line. Additionally, I provide  Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs with the opportunity to start a business with no cash by utilizing t-shirts.


Why I Do What I Do …

Custom Personalized Printing awarded me with the opportunity to discover myself. I am a Serial Entrepreneur, and I desire to help other small businesses grow and scale their businesses. T-shirts are just one of the many mediums which can be placed on autopilot.

I believe that youth need to be equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset. By preparing young people for the future of work, an entrepreneurial experience will prepare them to succeed in a complex labour market that has limited entry-level jobs, yet demands more expertise.

Starting and running a business forces one to take risks, become comfortable with uncertainty and remain focused on goals. It also teaches one to be flexible, adapt quickly to new opportunities and challenges,  also develops critical decision-making and leadership skills. Most importantly, it builds resilience.

That’s why I do what I do…


From Me to You,


Elloise Richards